I just have this passion for creating things, anything.....from custom invitations to graduation candy leis, planning events and designing floral arrangements for my family and friends.  What can I say, there really isn't anything that I wouldn't try to make or put my own special touch too.  I am a floral designer, event planner, innovator, entrepreneur, friend, wife, mother of two amazing children, and lover of all things creative.  I love all kinds of music, the Seattle Seahawks, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and just living my best life! 

As a floral designer, I'll take your visions and make them a reality.  Some say I'm a perfectionist because I can find myself spending hours making sure that one rose is in the right spot! Ok maybe not hours, but sometimes it feels like it!  Yes, I am an event planner as well, I can ensure that all your wedding needs are covered when it comes to your special day!   When all is said and done, I love just standing back and soak in everything that has come together to make your day, YOUR day!  

Event Planner | Floral Designer